I design...I knit...I rock out to my favorite tunes while doing so...and in the end something usually gets created.

About Me, AKA Why I Ramble

About Me: The Designer:

I have been knitting for nine years and designing my own pieces for four. What got me started was my shear inability to follow directions, and to this day I don't think I have knit anything without imparting my own changes to the pattern. And so I decided to record some of my "well I think it would look better as a (insert change here)". After a few more years I decided to just start designing from the hem up and so I have begun the process of publishing. That said, I design solely on whim, necessity, or "Oh my, that's lovely...I need one, I should write a pattern for it". Check back often to keep up with these whims. I have only put a few of my items up on Ravelry or published them on this blog, but I someday hope to get published in a real magazine and make a meager living designing--let's keep our optimistic fingers crossed shall we. 

You can find me on Ravelry: LadyGray101

"My design ascetic is a combination of classic silhouettes and modern twists with perfectly tailored lines and an easy-to-wear elegance. I strive to create patterns that are of the highest quality and I appreciate your feedback. So far, most of my patterns are available as either a free download though Ravelry or on this blog. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me."

About Me: The Person:

I love writing and reading and anything to do with books. So you may from time to time find a thought or two on here that serves no purpose but to ramble. I have finished my first novel and hope to have it published soon, and I would love to become not only an accomplished knitwear designer but an author as well. 

I fence both recreationally and competitively...what does this mean you ask? What is fencing? Do we use real swords? Yes, we use real swords but the tip is blunted and we wear heavy protective clothing. No, this sport is in no way related to picket fences or barbed wire. 

I am slightly obsessed with the "Romantic Era" (see here for my definition and Ravelry group) and would love nothing more than to host a masquerade party, who knows maybe when I'm a successful author I can afford this. 

Beyond this, I must confess, I am a rather boring person. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!