I design...I knit...I rock out to my favorite tunes while doing so...and in the end something usually gets created.



I've got another pair of boot toppers in the works right now. The pattern ("Ms. Adler") features a woven "basket" stitch to give it nice texture and durability. Should be up very soon, a quick knit and perfect for tall or short boots.


I'm looking to publish the pattern for Athena late this summer. Originally I had planned the release date to be in spring or early summer but that is obviously not going to happen. Thanks to the lovely ladies in the Free Pattern Testers group for helping me check, edit, and test; it was worth the months of emails, messages, and I don't knows to gain your insight. And hurahh, the pattern fits! 


Been designing again, back to the sketchpad! So far, a coat and several other cold weather accessories are on the board, but we'll have to see how things go. I'm really liking the idea of using a chunky yarn (Sprout in 4378 Sepia)  for a fall sweater; think cables, texture, Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea.