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Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Name, New Home

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that Just a Knit has both a new domain and a new name, Herringbone Designs. My new website is  on Tumblr where I will be better able to keep up with the constant stream of things. All the content that has been posted on this blog over the past two or so years will remain up and functional. If I make any changes or edits to patterns that have been previously listed here, I will be sure to update them.

All future designs and updates can be found at Herringbone Designs

Thank you

1. http://herringbonedesigns.tumblr.com/

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ms. Adler Boot Topper

Today marks the release of my latest pattern, and an ongoing obsession on my part; boot toppers. The pattern is a simple "waffle" stitch knitted in the round with a twisted rib border on the top and bottom. A great project for someone who has some experience with working in the round but would like to try a more challenging stitch. Wear tucked into the top of you boots, over leggings or jeans, or just with you skirt for an instantly laid back style. For a boho chic take on them, introduce ribbon, lace, beading, or fringe to the top to add a glam element. 

My favorite way to wear them is over skinny jeans, with black knee high boots, and  a chunky sweater. I also made a second pair in cream.

Ms. Adler

Size: S, M, L, XL; see notes for directions on modifying this
Yarn: Any suitable worsted weight yarn.
Needles: size 6 US     
Gauge: approximately 7 sts=1”

Cast on 86 (98, 112, 126) stitches using a Norwegian cast on (directions for this can be found in the note section). Place marker to denote the beginning of the round.

Next row: *k1tbl, p1tbl* repeat from * to * until end of row.

Repeat this row until you have worked 1/2” of twisted rib stitch.

Pattern row

Knit one row.

Next round:
Row 1: *sl1pwyif, p1* repeat from * to * until end of row.
Row 2: *k 1, p 1* repeat from * to * until end of row.

Repeat these two rows until piece measures 6” from cast on edge, or desired length.

Work 2” of twisted rib stitch. Cast off using Jenny’s surprisingly stretching bind off (below), or suitable cast off. Weave in ends.


To modify size, reduce or increase number of stitches cast on by 2 stitches. Both the ribbing and the waffle stitch use a multiple of two stitches so adjusting this will not affect the integrity of the pattern.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Latest Design is Up and Running::

Athena Tunic is up and running on Ravelry, you can find a link to the project page here and-drum roll please-a completely free download of the pdf!

Though it's January, it's never too early to dream and start planning your spring/summer wardrobe.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

January Updates:: Postcards from Oz

Hi all! So It's been a long time since I posted, let alone logged in (I feel like Dorthy, just back from Oz..."there's no place like home"!)

I just wanted to update everyone that yes, I still exist, yes, I am still knitting and thinking up designs. Things have become increasing busy these past eight or so months which has prevented me from catching up. Don't worry though, I still plan on posting with anything interesting or such on my blog in the near future so please don't think that I've abandoned you all.

Sometime in the near future (very definite don't you think?) I plan on posting on these topics:

  • A quick cardi pattern, think 40's, cables, cap sleeves, cropped sleeves

  • A how to on the art of ball winding

  • Humorous tidbits and randomness

For now,
Happy knitting!