I design...I knit...I rock out to my favorite tunes while doing so...and in the end something usually gets created.

The Cafe

I plan on releasing some of my writing, namely a few off-the-knitting-topic poems, essays, and short stories. Check back for updates and material!

“He looked around and sighed deeply. So this was what wealth looked like; noblemen milled about in small, tightly grouped circles and chatted. Civility reigned as the chief focus of the night. The classes were still smarting from the impact of the war but everyone was turned out in the finest clothes they still owned. Unkempt threads were ignored and the peacocks of socialite fashion were pardoned for donning old gowns. The lack of gold and gems was ignored in favor of grim expressions and creased brows. Gaunt faces and muddied boots were the trend of the season. If no one said anything regarding financial situation then it did not exist, and so a forced joviality was affected. It wasn’t important how much or how little an earl had, indeed he might be starving in his own house, he was still an earl, no matter how worn his coat.”-Excerpt from my current novel in progress. 

Sepia Tone Memories

Nostalgic, melancholy
Capturing, remembering, immortalizing
The memory of Us

Journey, reminiscent
Writing, editing, summarizing
The story of Love

Moving, descriptive
Singing, longing, pining
The record of Feeling